Bobbie Trittschuh  Community Relations Corporate Affairs Department Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

You have been at Honda for an impressive 20 years which is very rare these days.  Tell me why you love Honda and about your progression into your current role.

Honda is a company based on the Power of Dreams.  This is aligned with my own personal philosophy because I’ve always believed that at Honda, you can achieve whatever you want, and the company will help you get there. I believe this, because I’ve personally experienced it.


Counter to many of my peers in the industry, I don’t have a college degree. So, I began my career at Honda as a temporary administrative assistant. Over the years, I had the opportunity to learn and grow, but it didn’t come without feeling the need to work twice as hard at every turn. Along the way, Honda provided me with learning opportunities and challenging mentors.  Today, I manage Honda of America’s Community Relations team and serve as the Executive Director of the Honda of America Foundation. This wouldn’t have been possible without the thriving culture that is cultivated at Honda.



Your funding is spread among many areas in the region.  How do you determine who will receive funding?


We provide philanthropic support to 19 counties, which includes counties where our manufacturing operations are located, as well as, surrounding counties in West Central Ohio. Our funding priorities can be categorized into three pillars:

1.     Sustain – Environment, Food & Shelter

2.     Enhance – Care Centers, Mobility, Addiction/Substance Abuse

3.     Educate – STEM, Cultural Exchange, General



What is the process for nonprofits to be considered for grant support?


First, I would encourage new grant seekers to review our funding parameters, eligibility requirements and process for requesting a grant on our website. If there is an alignment between the organization and Honda’s funding priorities, it is helpful to meet with representatives from the organization in the April to August timeframe.

Grant requests must be submitted via our online application between September 1 and November 30. Organizations will be notified of the funding decision by March 31 the following year.


Do you fund capital campaigns?

While we provide some funding for capital campaigns, we primarily support programs or projects that meet the needs of our priorities.  

How do you place Honda associates on nonprofit boards?

Honda is pleased to have long-standing relationships with key organizations in the community. In some cases, these relationships and an organization’s alignment with our vision have led to board placement.   We strive to have an impact in the communities where our associates live.    One area where associates can get actively engage in supporting organizations of their choice is through HondaGO, a volunteer-based program where associates can give back and through their efforts, earn Dollars-for-Doer grants for that organization.



How can nonprofits find out more about Honda’s community involvement? 

Please visit our website or email questions to