Steven Fields - Vice President, Director of Community Engagement and President, The Huntington Foundation at Huntington Bancshares

Huntington has branches in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, do you provide financial support to nonprofits in all of your service areas?

We provide the opportunity for financial support in all regions where our colleagues live, work and play. Each region has its own strategic goals and objectives so nonprofits looking for funding should start conversations with the local leadership team first.  We then work with these local teams to invite nonprofits to submit formal requests for support.

When are grant request due?

We look at all requests submitted for consideration on a monthly basis. Ideally we would like to have a four to five month lead time on requests. We pull the submissions for review on the 15th of every month, including those from different regions.

 What's the process difference for grants under $5,000 vs grants over $5,000?

The timing for submission and approval process is the same but there are two different links on our website for these groups. Requests over $5,000 require more application materials than the requests under $5,000. For service areas outside of Ohio, we ask that requests are directed by the local Huntington representatives to the online portal for support.

 How should nonprofits request fundraising event support?

Currently event support requests start with email or phone conversations and don’t go through the online portal. For service areas outside of Ohio, we ask that requests are directed by the local representatives to the online portal for support.

What's your process for placing Huntington associates on nonprofit boards?

I equate my role as that of Nonprofits approach us with a request for a board member and, if it fits our focus, we ask them a series of questions around what skillsets they are looking for, etc. I then provide two or three potential candidates and ask the nonprofit and the Huntington associate to interview each other to find the best fit for the opportunity. We know that the value of time and expertise our associates provide to nonprofits is very meaningful, and we work hard to be sure the match works.

Outside of Ohio, our regional teams work with that Huntington colleague to help them through the process as well. It’s also important to share that just because you have a Huntington board member it doesn’t guarantee funds from us but it does increase the likelihood of support.

Tell us about your focus for giving. 

Huntington supports areas that improve self-sufficiency and quality of life with a focus on affordable housing, economic development, and financial literacy.

We recently have been working on access grants – providing access to all - and serving neighborhoods that are a desert for resources.  This includes providing access to food, medical care, financial education, etc. For example, Franklinton had no primary medical care and people were using overusing Emergency Rooms. Huntington invested in OhioHealth’s Mobile Wellness on Wheels unit that comes to the local YMCA three times a week to help patients be proactive in their healthcare.

Any advice for nonprofits looking for support?

It’s all about relationships. We fund people we trust and know are doing good work. We encourage nonprofits to let us know what you are doing so come and meet with us. We have an open door policy - let us learn more about you.

 Where can someone who is interested learn more?

Our website is a good place to start:, and here is contact information for me and Lindsay in my office:

Steven Fields, Director, Huntington Foundation and Community Engagement
(614) 480-3278

 Lindsay Baker, Community Engagement Coordinator

(614) 480-3720