Adrienne Selsor founded Time, Talent & Treasure inspired by of her love for community and engaging others. She passionately believes that people who work for nonprofits are at the core of their communities’ success—and that coaching and training is the best way to strengthen the capacity of their organizations and the community. 


Enhance Your Community Work or Get Involved

 Are you looking for a new career opportunity that aligns with your core values or a way to start giving back? Do you own your own company or work somewhere you want to establish a philanthropy program? Maybe you launched a capital campaign and promised a fundraising event and aren’t sure how to mobilize resources for its success. Time, Talent & Treasure can help you navigate the complicated world of nonprofits.

Coaching and Training

Adrienne Selsor provides coaching and training within these areas of expertise: 


Corporate Giving Programs

Board Governance & Matching

Volunteer Administration

United Way Campaigns


Staff & Board Coaching


Special Event Management

Capital Campaign Planning
& Execution

Adrienne is passionate about making it easy for people to help make our community a better place.

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